Bayview Vacation Home Rental in Homer, AK   "Experience Unobstructed Panoramic View"
Our home was custom built in 2003 and faces nearly one acre of wild flower gardens.  The house has a living
area of 3,200 square feet, divided into upper and lower levels.
  • Lower unit: 2 bedrooms + 1bath, full kitchen for 2 ~ 8 people
  • Upper unit: 2 bedrooms + 1.5 bath, full kitchen for 2 ~ 6 people
Kachemak bay, the Spit, Kenai mountains and
beautiful glaciers. The view from our home is very
colorful, inspiring and ever-changing. Snow-capped
mountains, green forests, glowing yellow meadows
during sunset, and a sea of clouds along the blue
bay are just some of the stunning views  you can
see during the day. At night, you can see the street
lights sparkling on the Spit and the town. Even
during rainy days, you will enjoy enchanting views
of reflecting water droplets.